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Digital Solution for product information and authentication – easy and anonymous use.



Elimination of fake products

isopin gives your product a unique identity which can be checked worldwide and protects it against counterfeiting. This makes products unattractive for fences and thieves.


Digitalization of products

Each product equipped with an isopin is digitized and ready for industry 4.0. All product information (instructions, manuals, guarantees, etc.) can be stored and retrieved directly on the product.


Customer loyalty to the consumer

isopin provides a direct communication channel between the manufacturer and consumer. The product becomes a new sales and communication channel which strengthens the brand and increases direct sales.


Easy to use

The status of the product is easy to check – worldwide and anonymous. All you need is a smartphone and a connection to the internet.


Efficient product recall

With an isopin, a product recall is done efficiently. It keeps your customer safe and fulfils the legal requirements – optimal risk management!


New marketing strategies

Having an isopin on your products gives new possibilities for innovative and targeted marketing strategies with which you can stand out from our competitors.


Digital disruption

isopin is not depended on common management systems such as ERP, CRM or PIM and goes along with any of those systems. Initiate new business models and optimize your digital processes without having to replace any running system.


Compliance with data regulations

No personal data will be collected during the use of isopin. The user is completely anonymous – compliance with all data regulation by design.

Who is this for?

isopin for the producer (German)

isopin for the consumer (German)

How it works



Capture the Isopin ID via NFC, QR code, label or engraving.



Quick, secure, seamless and anonymous mobile connection without an app or login.



Immediate confirmation of the item’s authenticity and display of additional information.



Opt-in for additional information or services directly from the producers.


Become a part of the isopin ecosystem

Success story

Case Frxsh

The Challenge

The Product passes through different ways and lines during manufacturing, packaging and logistics until it reaches our partners. Our challenge was to implement an efficient identification of each unit which is not only serving our logistic needs but also gives additional benefit to our end customer.

The Product

Frxsh AG manufactures high-end smoothie mixer with high standards and quality for the gastronomy industry as well as the private user. The unique selling points of the mixer are its easy handling and delicate processing of all smoothie ingredients.

The Solution

isopin was an easy-to-implement solution which is compatible with our CMS system. It offered us an efficient way to control our processes. Furthermore, it gives us the possibility to reach the end customer and to give him/her access to our receipt database and the up to date product-related information and documents such as the operation manual and datasheets.

“Our companies aspiration is to build sustainable products whit long lifetimes. With isopin, we have found a solution which enables us to have an efficient internal identification. Additionally, the end customer can access our contact data from all over the world straight away.”

COO Rudolf Räber, Frxsh AG